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HostBet Review Best Affordable Web Hosting in India with Free SSL and NVMe SSD

Hello all readers, today i am gonna give you review of one of the best web hosting provider in this web hosting industry. Yes! Today we’re gonna talk about HostBet, it’s features benefits and drawbacks. So First Let’s know about HostBet Company.

About HostBet

HostBet Website

Well, HostBet is a web hosting provider in india since 18 April 2019. It’s headquarters are based in Bikaner, Rajasthan India. It provides various type of web hosting such as Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Servers, it also provides domain registration. HostBet provides best web hosting in very affordable price, their prices are starting from just 60INR per month.

HostBet Review

So Guys After Using HostBet’s Shared Hosting‘s Innovator Plan for 4 Months i would say that it is better than costly hosting. They’re using LiteSpeed Webserver which provides the fastest speed, they’re using NVMe SSD Disk which is the fastest Disk and they’re also providing Free SSL Certificate for every domain you host on their hosting, apart from these you also get amazing features in cPanel and also you will get best support which is there to help you. I have hosted 2 websites in Innovator plan, one if my personal blog and the second is my client’s business website which is also running on WordPress and elementor pro. Their Speed is also good and i have never faced any major problem.

Shared Hosting

So Guys HostBet’s Shared Hosting is far better than some Cloud Hosting , I have seen many providers who are selling Shared Hosting with the name of Cloud Hosting. I would say that HostBet is far better than those providers. in HostBet’s Shared Hosting, you get 4 Plans to choose from. Starter, Innovator, Professional and Business. In all plans you get best features. All plan have NVMe SSD Disk, LiteSpeed Webserver and Free SSL Certificate included. They are also providing 20% Discount for new orders, you can use coupon code WELCOME20 to avail this offer

So guys if you have low budget or if you want best web hosting in affordable price then i would definetly suggest you to check HostBet. HostBet Provides You Best Shared Hosting in very affordable price with good features.


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